Sensors List

FRD has an extensive list of sensors to choose from. We are planning to develop more in the future, keep in touch. If you would like a custom sensor for your application do not hesitate to leave us a note by e-mail.

All prices are in US dollars

Force Sensor $150

This device can measure forces from 0.1 to 20 Newton. It can be used to study friction, simple harmonic motion, impact in collisions, the push of water on objects, etc.

Heart Rate Monitor $72

Clip it on your finger, and see the your heart rhythm. Also displays your pulse rate. It works with the variations of infrared light going trough the skin.

Magnetic Field Sensor $88

Uses a Hall effect transducer. Sensitive enough to measure the Earth's magnetic field. Can also be used to study the field around magnets, coils, and electrical devices (DC).

pH Electrode $75 and pH Amplifier $47

These devices allow a computer to be used as a pH meter. The pH electrode is an Ag-AgCl combination electrode. The pH amplifier contains the signal conditioning circuitry. Range: 0 to 13 pH Accuracy: 0.01pH. The amplifier can be adapted to accommodate any kind of ions specific electrode.

Temperature Probe $40

Designed to be a general purpose laboratory temperature probe. Range: -40C to +125C

Microphone $65

Measures amplitudes of audio sources or speed of sound. Studies sound waves.

Humidity Sensor $105

Measures relative humidity with high precision. Can be used to measure humidity of greenhouses, outdoor or indoor air, etc.

Light Sensor $60

Approximates the human eye in the spectral response. Can be used in three different ranges: 0-100 lx, 0-1 000 lx and 0-100 000 lx.

Ultraviolet Light Sensor $210

So sensitive it can detect the luminosity variations caused by voltage fluctuations in a light bulb. Its spectral response is between 190 nm and 520 nm and can be used in three different ranges: 0-1 600 lx, 0-18 000 lx and 0-1 668 000 lx.

Pressure Sensor 100 PSI and 1.5PSI $77 each

Designed for gas law experiments, measuring atmospheric pressures, and much more.

Smart Pulley $62

High quality pulley with a built-in photogate, easy to set up on a universal stand.

Laser Switch $42

Used to time objects that are too large for the standard photogates. Requires a laser as a light source.

Photogate $47

Accurate timing requires accurate photogate signals. Our photogate has a rise time of less than 10 milliseconds. Easy to set up on a universal stand.

Sonic Range Finder $150

This ultrasonic motion detector can measure distance, velocity and acceleration.

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