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We are selling all or part of our inventory, any offer will be considered.

Inventory List

FRD ELECTRONIK is established since 1988. We have developed an expertise in data acquisition, and in sensor technology. We are offering our line of products over the Internet for your convenience.

Here are a few of our products:

Galileo is an interface for schools and science classes. It can also be used in laboratories, in physics and chemistry, or for anyone interested in science.
Sensors list click here to see our list of sensors that connect directly into the GALILEO and SuperVisor interface. Many of these sensors can connect to any kind of data acquisitions systems with an adapter.
SPG16S is an interface primarily used for thermocouple temperature measurements. It can also be used for other purposes requiring more inputs and programmable gain.
The supervisor is a low cost one or two board, that goes into a PC. This board is intended for general purposes data acquisition.

FRD offers his services to modify any of his product line or to build totally new products from scratch. Click here to see what kind of products we have done in the past.

FRD ELECTRONIK is looking to sell the technology develloped over the years.  We also have overstock with those products, please leave us a note by e-mail for any infomation.